UK Antennas 20m End Fed on Test and more 145mhz FM activity – 23/05/2023

Another enjoyable evening of Ham Radio at the Club this evening. With news breaking that Chippenham will hopefully soon have it’s own DMR Repeater (GB7WW) there was a lot of excitement about this new project.

Tonight’s HF operating used a new antenna, a UK Antenna’s 20m end fed with the Kevlar wire upgrade. On test with our IC-7300 SWR was <1:2:1 on 14.200Mhz and the internal ATU worked fine on 40m/17/15&12m bands.

Jenni M0HZT our Club Secretary worked several stations on 20 & 17m.

Jenni operating HF as GX3VRE

Meanwhile our regular 2m FM activation continued apace with half a dozen stations in our log book this week. Best DX being George G8AOJ in Coleford.

Phil 2E0CXH brought some Chinese handhelds in for programming but only one was updated as the version of Chirp we used did not have a UV10R Programme. Nice radio Phil but it wasn’t to be this week.

Jack M0PLS recently took part in his first 2m SSB contest and was keen to share his successes. Jack made 31 144mhz QSOs and his best DX was Sheffield. Not bad for 50w and a 9 element tonna!

Gary M0OTL provided advice on rotator servicing and shared his knowledge on how to bring a broken one back in to service.

Club member Mike 2E0OND provided us with QSOs on 2m FM and also 20m SSB. Great to hear you’re on the mend Mike.

UK Antennas 20m End Fed on the drive on mount and Spiderbeam 12m mast.

Well that’s about it for this week. Another enjoyable evening spent with friends. Great to see Karen M3KIR and Vicki M3HUI back at the Club after a period of absence.

73 till next time. Have a great week folks!