Club Constitution

  1. The Club and its identity
    1. The club shall be known as the Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club.
  2. Aims and Objectives of the Club.
    1. The aims of the club is to further the well-being of amateur radio.
    2. To provide a safe and relaxed environment for discussion, learning and development in the field of Amateur Radio
  3. Membership Eligibility
    1. Membership is open to all persons interested in amateur radio in accordance with club policy and procedures, at the discretion of the committee.
    2. Members over 16 years of age shall pay the club set membership fee and any other fees set, and can exercise voting powers on club matters where required.
    3. Members under 16 years of age may attend the club premises having satisfied the Club’s Vulnerable and Young Persons Policy, and agreed by the committee, they may attend free from annual or weekly attendance fees.
    4. Members under 16 years of age cannot excise voting powers in relation to club administrative matters at an AGM or EGM,  However, the committee may seek their thoughts and input on non-executive club matters.
    5. Any person who is deemed vulnerable and satisfies the Club’s Vulnerable and Young Persons Policy may attend the club with one carer free from annual or weekly attendance fees at the discretion of the committee.
    6. The club may grant ‘Honorary Membership’. To be proposed by the committee, and approved by members vote at an AGM.
      1. Honorary members will pay no annual membership or attendance fees.
      2. Honorary membership is a “Lifelong” award for services to Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club
  4. Membership & Attendance Fees.
    1. Membership will run for 12 months from the date of joining.
    2. The associated club fee structure shall be proposed by the elected committee.
    3. The committee will propose the levels of, and structure of any fees at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    4. Any levies agreed will become effective by a majority of attending voting members of the club.
    5. In the event of any levies being rejected by members vote, a discussion between the membership present at the AGM or EGM should ensue so that an alternative funding option may be agreed, and voted upon.
    6. Following a successful vote by members present an AGM or EGM, all fees agreed upon become effective immediately.
    7. All members of the Committee have an equal responsibility to ensure club fees and dues are collected and recorded.
    8. All members have a responsibility to ensure they have paid their appropriate dues to a committee member.
    9. Prospective members / Visitors may attend the club on a club evening on two occasions free of charge, after this “Welcome Period” persons shall pay the set annual membership fee and any weekly subscriptions set on further attendance.
      1. Any person attending the club in their official capacity of a carer or chaperone may attend free from annual or weekly fees, at the discretion of the committee
        1. A register of names and/or callsigns of any person attending club premises or attending a club activity will be maintained for administrative purposes.
  5. Conduct of The Committee, Club Members & Visitors
    1. All Committee Members, Club Members and visitors will adhere to all club policies and procedures.
    2. All persons attending the club premises or any associated club activity will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner towards other members of the club and visitors.
      1. Any member or visitor who conducts themselves in a manner that would be deemed unacceptable by the majority of members present, or fail to adhere to the clubs policies and procedures will be asked to leave club premises or the club activity.
        1. This includes, but is not limited to, any instance of bullying (whether physical or verbal), assault, and any type of discrimination (including antilocution).
      2. If any member has cause to be asked to leave on two (2) or more occasions, at the discretion of the committee, the person’s membership of CDARC will be cancelled, and the individual or individuals will be notified in writing of their cancelled membership.
      3. No refunds will be made in respect of cancelled membership.
  6. The Committee.
    1. All the club affairs shall be administered by a committee in whom the clubs property and affairs shall be vested.
      1. The committee shall comprise of three (3) officers of the club.
        1. These are:             Chairman
        2. Secretary
        3. Treasurer
      2. The remainder of the committee members shall comprise of ordinary committee members, elected from the current full membership.
    2. Only voting members, having been members for the previous 12 month period, and having attained a weekly attendance level of approximately 50% or 26 weeks are eligible to be nominated for a committee position, whether that be as an Officer Of The Club or an Ordinary Committee Member. Any member seeking election to the committee will be expected to play an active role in the administration of club affairs, whether they be an Officer or Ordinary Member.
    3. Club accounts and finances will be made available for inspection to any member on request. Any such inspection will be by mutual agreement of the Club Treasurer, and will take place on club premises.
    4. The incumbent committee will post a list of voting members at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary Meeting (EGM) so that they be known as entitled to vote.
    5. The Chairman, who will have ultimate responsibility over the clubs affairs, will hold a casting vote if necessary.
    6. The Secretary, who will administer the day to day running of the club, and maintain a record of all committee meetings and Annual General Meetings.
    7. The Treasurer, who will be responsible for the club funds, the payment of all dues, and the collection of all subscriptions. They will keep an account of all transactions. The Treasurer will present a balance sheet at the Annual General Meeting.
    8. Ordinary committee members, who will assist and advise the officers of the committee. There will be no less than three ordinary committee members, subject to sufficient volunteers, but this may be increased to the nearest figure to ten percent (10%) of the club membership.
    9. A President, who will be appointed at the AGM when applicable. He / she will be elected from the outgoing committee for a maximum period of three years. The President as elected will chair the AGM and will also chair the committee meetings when the chairman in unable to attend. Under these circumstances, he/she will hold the casting vote. Under all other circumstances, he/she will have no voting powers.
    10. The committee may make an executive decision in order to ensure the club remains viable, by co-opting a member or members of the club to replace a committee member when that member has left the committee permanently. The co-opted member shall hold position until the next AGM.
    11. Committee members will be elected at the AGM by a ballot (show of hands or written).
      1. At an AGM if there are multiple members present seeking election to the committee then each member is to be proposed and voted for separately.
      2. If at the AGM when members are required to vote for the committee there are no eligible new candidates, the President may seek re-election “en masse” for the existing committee, assuming all current committee members are willing, and agree to serve another term.
      3. No member will be permitted to vote for himself or herself.
      4. No person may offer or seek remuneration or other goods and services in order to stand for a committee position.
      5. Any Ordinary Member of the committee will  be expected to assist the club in accomplishing specific tasks, roles or duties as directed by the Chairman.
  7. Committee meetings
    1. Committee Meetings shall be held from time to time. These meetings will consist of a minimum number of committee members who will be known as quorum.
    2. The quorum will consist of at least two Officers of the Club and two Ordinary committee members.
    3. In the event of not being able to construct a quorum the President may assume the position of an Officer of the Club. If it is still not possible to be quorate, then the meeting may be adjourned. A non-quorate committee may not conduct any of the clubs business.
    4. Any member of the club may attend a committee meeting with prior permission of the Chairman.  However, any member attending such a meeting may not interfere with committee business.
    5. A record of minutes will be maintained by the Secretary of all committee Meetings.
      1. A set of approved minutes should be made available to members via the club notice board no later than 30 days after a Committee has met.
  8. Annual General Meetings – (AGM)
    1. The AGM shall be held no earlier than the first Tuesday in March and no later than the last Tuesday in April.
    2. The committee will post details of the date, time and location of the AGM, at least one month prior to the AGM being held.
    3. The AGM business will include:
      1. Chairman’s Report
      2. Secretary Report
      3. Treasurer’s report
      4. The presentation and approval of minutes of the previous AGM by the majority of attending members.
      5. The election of a new President (when applicable).
      6. Presentation of any changes proposed by the committee to the club constitution
      7. Election of incoming committee
    4. Where a members vote is made, a record of the “Aye” and “No” will be recorded by the Secretary for club records.
  9. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
    1. The committee or a simple majority of full members of the club may call an EGM.
    2. A minimum of 21 days notice of an EGM should be made to all members via the club notice board. However this period may be shorter if necessity dictates in the interests of the club. Notification may also be made by other methods.
    3. Ballots will be decided by a show of hands of members, Where a motion will be carried by a two third majority.
    4. The Club Chairman or President will chair all  EGMs.
    5. The President or Chairman, chairing the EGM will have a final casting vote in the event of an equal split of members votes.
  10. Cessation of the club
    1. The committee may call a Final General Meeting (FGM)  to wind up the club affairs.
    2. All members must be informed in writing (Club Notice Board and / or Email) at least 30 days in advance by the committee.
    3. The club may only be dissolved when all debts are settled.
    4. The decision to dissolve the club can only be made by a majority vote by the attending members.
    5. The committee will dispose of club assets. Any equipment will be sold at reasonable and suitable values, or donated to an RSGB registered club. All monies will be donated to a charity nominated by the voting members present.
    6. In the absence of ordinary members, the committee will nominate a suitable charity.

This document replaces any previous constitution and was agreed by a majority AGM vote on 4th day of April, 2017.

Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club is a NOT FOR PROFIT club.