GX3VRE was on the Air 16 May 23

Tonight at the Club we operated both HF and VHF. Brian G6HUI arrived early and set up the Hawkins 20m Vertical with Alan G6YCG. SWR was perfect and the scene was set for some HF Ops.

Hawkins antenna on the Fibreglass Pole

Meanwhile on 2m Jon G0IUE set to work on S20 and called CQ working 3 stations, Mike 2E0OND, Eddie G6MJG and Vic G7RRQ. Nice signals all round.

Alan G6YCG was keen to check signals from GB7BS and focused on the SW Cluster DMR Tuesday Net from Andover and he reported plenty of stations active on the network. Joined by Phil 2E0CXH and John 2E0GTQ Alan demonstrated the DMR signals from the Cluster and explained to Phil and John how it worked.

Meanwhile back on HF Brian worked several stations including Mike 2E0OND nearby in Chippenham and several overseas stations.

Brian operating as GX3VRE

This week we also had the 5/8 wave 10/12m Hawkins with us and at 8.30pm we swapped out the 20m one for 10m. Brian and Jon quickly worked a number of stations from South America and demonstrated the benefits of 28mhz with improving conditions. No Sporadic E but good F’s to Brazil and beyond.

Our faithful ICOM IC-7300 busy working the DX on 10m.

That’s about it for this week. Stay tuned for more updates next time round. Best 73 to all.