New 144Mhz WiresX Gateway

A New 144mhz Gateway for Chippenham was approved yesterday 08 March 2024.

This new gateway is an independent venture by a couple of Club members and will have the Callsign G6HUI-GW. It should have S9 coverage all over the Chippenham area including the town centre and cover Junctions 16 to 18 of the M4 with ease.

The all important info is below:

Callsign: G6HUI-GW

Frequency: 144.850 Mhz

Mode: C4FM (DN)

Equipment required: Yaesu Digital Radio equipment eg: Yaesu FTM Series mobiles, FT-991 series or handies such as the FT1d. 2d,3d,5d, FT-70d .

More info about the Yaesu Wires X system can be found here: