Yagi Inspiration @ G8TTI QTH

Following on from the really interesting Yagi/Beam presentation by Dave G3ZXX in January, Club Treasurer Dave G8TTI was inspired to finish his DK7ZB Based 144 Mhz Yagi on a 5m Boom.

Dave G8TTI said the following:
“It’s based on a DK7ZB design with a bent Driven Element. It offers 12.2dbd gain on a 5 metre boom. It’s optimised in Yagicad which is a program by VK3DIP. I switch polarity using a relay and so can easily alternate between horizontal and vertical. I built it in the hope of over coming polarization loss using EME. I’d rather like to have four of them stacked but that’s for another day”

Here are some photos of Dave G8TTI’s new homebrew Yagi

And up in the air and beaming Lunar!!

We wish Dave every success using his new antenna and thank Dave G3ZXX for the inspiration to get it done.