Rally De-Brief, new coax and more HF Fun – Tuesday 8th August

This week we had a rally de-brief and came up with some good suggestions and lessons learned which we’ll look to take forward to future rallies.

We set up two antennas on the field, a Buddipole for 40m and a Double Bazooka for 10m. Conditions were quite lively and many stations were worked.

Jacek M0PLS and John G0JYL installing the Buddipole.

The GB7WW repeater continues to work well and Brian announced that we will be starting a weekly net on the repeater on TG9 Slot 1; this is using GB7WW as a standalone box and locals are encouraged to join in. The net or activity period kicks off between 7.30pm and 8pm every Friday – all licensed amateurs welcome to call in. Brian Chamberlin kindly donated a further DMR handheld, a Retevis RT3S as well as the TYT MD760, for members to try out DMR and practice radio operating in a friendly environment – thanks so much Brian.

Jacek M0PLS tested the Club’s new reel of Messi and Paoloni coaxial cable and performance seemed to be excellent by the number of contacts made on 40m.

Really nice coax the Messi and Paoloni

Not too much else to report this week except to say have a great week and thanks for checking in. 73 till next time from the Chippenham Club Website Team.