Wet Night Outside but the Action goes on…. Club Tues 4th July 23

It was a rather damp old night outside so we opted to stay in the dry and assemble a Buddipole antenna on a tripod. Jacek M0PLS had just received a shipment of new high power coils and an extension kit from the USA and was keen to test it out. Ideally we would have done this outside but the inclement weather put pay to that.

Here are some pictures from our indoor tests:

Jacek M0PLS assembling the elements

Time to check the SWR with the NANO VNA

All done and working fine.

Jacek tested the antenna on both 40m and 20m and a good SWR was achieved on both bands. He hopes to test this antenna again at the club when the weather is better and it can be set up in the car park.

Thanks for brining it along Jacek.