Portable Ops at the Club – 20th June 23

What started as a lovely warm evening ended up rather damp but we did manage to get 4 portable stations set up.

Jon G0IUE – brought an IC-705 and a Chameleon F Loop and worked 30m FT8 from the boot of his car.

IC-705 FT8 on 30m and the Chameleon Loop

Brian G6HUI opted for the Xiegu X6100 also using a Chameleon F Loop using 20m and 10m

Robert M0RWX brought a Discovery 500 transceiver and mono band HF wire antennas.

Robert M0RWX and his portable HF and VHF radios and antennas.

Jacek M0PLS also went for a Discovery 500 hooked up to the optional 60w amplifier and used a Buddipole antenna on 20m.

Shortly after we got going the heavens opened and we hastily headed in to the hall. It was a fun evening despite the rain. We did manage a Facebook Live event on the public Chippenham and District Facebook page and this can be found on a simple search once logged on.

No Club next week (27th June) due to a prior booked village event but we will be back at the hall on Tuesday 4th July.