Oscar 2E1HWE from the Freestar Network has announced the start of the annual “GOTA” event. The event is QRV between 17th and 25th June 23.

The aim of GOTA is to promote increased RF voice communication via Simplex Gateways where licensed Amateurs get out and about and work a Simplex Gateway(s) from a location(s) of your choice.

The organisers stress GOTA is a fun event and encourages Users to get on the air and enjoy our hobby. The event’s official sponsor is Moonraker Radio who are ofering a 5% discount on everything they stock; simply enter “GOTA” on checkout . Further details on the discount can be found at

For more details of the event see the official GOTA website here

Local Gateways supporting this event are:

MB7AUE – 430.0375 ctcss 118.8hz

MB7AKL – 430.050 ctcss 118.8hz

MB7IUE – 50.530 ctcss 118.8hz

We hope you find this event of interest and feel free to use the local Gateways to access the event.